Language Training for Businesses

Flexible and Effective Language Training for Businesses

It’s no secret that being multilingual is essential in today’s corporate world. Have you always dreamt of speaking English, French or even Mandarin?

For your corporate training needs, Prolang offers a multitude of options to help your workforce learn and improve essential skills. Our experienced team members will help you determine your specific goals to plan out the best language program possible for your company. 

Private Language Classes

The private language course is best described as accelerated learning. The one-on-one training allows for tailored content, ensuring that the teacher focuses on the specific needs of the student.

Private language classes are the best option if you need a flexible schedule. Whether it be for writing, grammar or pronunciation, our teachers are equipped to help employees progress where they need it most. You never move to slow, or too fast: the teacher adapts to your pace and needs, always making sure to maximise your speaking time. 

Semi-Private Classes

The semi-private option is great for two people who share similar language learning objectives.

Together, students will benefit from exchange learning where they will be asked to work in a team to reach their goals. Because the class is very small, it allows for tailored teaching, greatly benefiting both learners.

Group Classes

The ideal group classes range from 3 to 7 students and are a perfect environment for collaborative learning.

The groups are small enough to ensure students get personal attention from teachers but are also large enough to promote discussion and educational activities.

Intensive Classes

If you need a language training boot camp, then the Intensive option is for you. In an ideal situation, the best way to learn a language is through intensive learning.

If you need to brush up or practice certain points before a conference or a big presentation, you can count on our professional teachers to help and coach you. These classes can be offered in private, semi-private or group classes of the same level.

AM   3 hours of class with your first teacher

Lunch   1 hour with your teacher

PM   3 hours of class with your second teacher

Telephone Language Classes

Perfect for the person who needs to communicate in a second language on the phone, or simply to support live language training, Phone classes are a great way to perfect listening and speaking skills through auditory learning. 

Experience a different way of learning by practising real-life situations you may encounter when using a second language over the phone.  This is an excellent way to reinforce understanding and speaking for students of intermediate to advanced levels. 

Online Language Classes

Prolang offers many online language tools to help you reach your language training goals.

Choose from our Virtual Classes, where you learn with a live teacher, or take part in a Webinar, where you will learn essential skills in your target language.


Prolang bases its content and learning benchmarks using the Common European Framework*. This is an important tool which indicates and describes all the stages of learning.

3Threshold or intermediate

Can understand the main concepts of familiar topics encountered at work, school, leisure, etc. Student will have a wider vocabulary and will be able to function in a wider range of work-related situations. Person can describe experiences, events, etc.

Common European Framework :  B1

Hours :  60h

4Vantage or upper intermediate

Can understand the main ideas of complex texts and subjects. Person is able to grasp abstract concepts including technical discussion in his or her field of specialisation. Person will have a more natural temp and a broad vocabulary. Student will start using idiomatic expressions and expressions when communicating. Written abilities are more advanced and student can produce more complex written documentation.

Common European Framework :  B2

Hours :  60h

5Vantage or upper intermediate

Students will become more fluent and seem at ease with the language. Student will have a large repertoire of vocabulary and expressions. Person will be able to handle most job tasks, including meetings, in the target language. Student will be able to adapt their degree of formality to a situation.

Common European Framework : B2

Hours : 60h

6Effective operational Proficiency or advanced

Student understands a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognises implicit meaning. Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without searching for expressions . Ability to adapt language for social or professional purposes.

Common European Framework :  C1

Hours :  60h

7Mastery or proficiency

Student can understand with ease everything he or she read of hears. Strong ability to summarize information. Ability to express oneself spontaneously and use different shades of meaning.

Common European Framework :  C2

Hours :  60h

1Breakthrough or beginner

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases. Students will be able to describe themselves and their surroundings with simple sentences and appropriate vocabulary. Student can introduce himself or herself. Students will be able to ask and answer basic questions.

Common European Framework :  A1

Hours :  60h

2Waystage or elementary

Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions of immediate relevance (basic personal information, shopping, family, etc). Student is able to discuss routine situations. Speech is still slow but hesitations are reduced.

Common European Framework :  A2

Hours :  60h