3 Advantages of having bilingual employees


The ability to speak in another language is a significant advantage in the workplace.

Nowadays, most companies are trying to reach out to international prospects or customers for business expansion.

It has been proven that employees who speak more than one language give the organization an additional advantage

over the competition.

 In this article, we’ve outlined 3 main reasons why bilingual employees enhance the work environment.


 Work fast and can multitask

A study conducted by Northwestern University shows that speaking more than one

language helps you move quicker and multitask. The benefits occur because the

bilingual brain is constantly activating both languages and choosing which one to

use and which to ignore, said a researcher. The ability to multitask is favorable in a

corporate environment where things move fast and need to be done quickly.


Help in international affairs

With today’s global economy, more companies expand their services internationally,

and having employees who speak another language can be beneficial. Whether it is

French, English or Spanish, having bilingual speakers open doors to a larger pool of

clients and customers. Moreover, they will have a better understanding of the

culture, which is very important when dealing with international clients. The

bilingual employee can help bridge the gap.


Can replace a translator or an interpreter

A skilled bilingual employee can help with proofreading and translating to ensure

that the materials are coherent and understandable in multiple languages. It avoids

the effort of creating a job description and hiring someone to translate documents

or interpret a conversation.

As an added value to the employee, it can be beneficial to the employer to pay for

the training of employees who decide to pursue learning other languages.


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