Professional Language Evaluations

When looking for new talent, finding the perfect fit for your team is no easy feat. The process becomes even more complex when the employee needs to be comfortable in a second language. How can you be certain that your candidates are proficient in a second language and will perform and excel in their future position? ‘Bilingual’ indicated on a CV unfortunately does not always align with an employer’s expectations to ensure smooth and efficient communication in the target language. How can you best avoid the uncomfortable experience of hiring a person not fit for the position? What tools are available to help recruitment team during this period of working from home?

What skills should be evaluated?
Prolang proposes professional language evaluations in a variety of formats:

• A preliminary grammar evaluation.
• A speaking evaluation (oral expression) including a role play based on the job position.
• An advanced writing evaluation (comprehension and written expression) with adapted essay prompts.

Depending on the competencies required, all three evaluations or a combination of two may be suggested. Following a detailed needs analysis, certain parts of the evaluations can be adapted based on the position.
A detailed report provided at the end of the evaluation process will help your team better understand how the candidate can communicate and perform in the target language.

How are evaluations completed remotely?
The past few months have shown us the absolute importance of having reliable solutions in place for remote work; hiring and onboarding are no exception. All Prolang evaluations are available and accessible online or by telephone. Your online client space through our Prolang database, where you can view candidate test results and archives, is accessible at all times.

How do I interpret results of the evaluations?
Prolang offers much more than a final score at the end of the evaluation process. We work closely with your team throughout the process to establish language benchmarks for the positions you are hiring for. By analyzing the responsibilities central to each role (customer service, sales representative, manager, etc.), our team will suggest the minimum language requirements necessary for the position, as well a minimum level which would ensure clear and efficient communication in the target language. With detailed comments from our language specialists and concrete examples from the candidates’ evaluations, we will ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

What if our ideal candidate does not have the minimum language level?
The candidate with the strongest level in the target language may not always be the best fit for your team. Top recruiters often emphasize the importance of choosing a candidate who shares the same values and goals as your company. After all, the use of the plus-que-parfait tense in French can be practiced and fine-tuned; personal values are more deeply engrained!

Upon request, our team of language specialists can provide a personalized training plan for any candidate, highlighting a suggested learning path to reach certain language benchmarks.

Prolang provides concrete and easy-to-navigate solutions for your recruiters facing challenges in bilingual recruitment. Our highly qualified team of experts will be with you at every step of the process to ensure you have the tools to make your hiring decisions effectively and confidently.

Please, contact our team for more information or a demonstration of the evaluations available!