Language learning in the digital age: tools for online learning

For nearly a decade, Prolang has promoted virtual training as an excellent option for remote learners. This year has proven the incomparable value of virtual training options and the capacity of training to bring teams together at a time when work from home has become the norm. Prolang holds innovation as one of our core values; as such, our team strives constantly to offer the most up-to-date and effective online training solutions for our learners.

Distance learning – virtual platforms

Prolang has been offering interactive virtual training options for our clients since 2012. Our trainers use several platforms to deliver their courses, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Education, Svi eSolutions, WebEx, and Google Meet. Our Prolang pedagogical team equips our experienced trainers with best practices and platform tools to ensure the same high-quality virtual training our learners have come to expect from Prolang on-site.

Blended training
Our blended learning option has established Prolang as an innovative leader in our industry. In addition to the invaluable communication time with an experienced trainer, our blended learning option multiplies target-language contact by adding an asynchronous, online-learning component to the session. Participants embarking on the blended learning option can choose from several programs providing exercises outside of classroom time, tailored to their learning styles and objectives. These programs construct highly personalized learning plans and use artificial intelligence to enhance the pedagogical experience and maximize learning for each participant. Together with our language specialists, learners can choose from the following approaches:

Micro-learning : 15 minutes per day are dedicated to language learning. Daily activities are received directly by email, up to 5 days per week. Activities focus on oral and written comprehension, grammar and conjugations, and vocabulary based on industry and interests. Each exercise is corrected automatically, and the learning path is adjusted based on progress.
Macro-learning : Personal account on an online platform with an unlimited access to learning activities. An initial language evaluation powered by artificial intelligence creates a personalized learning path based on needs and objectives (communication for work, cultural immersion, etc.). Learners also retain an unrestricted access to activities from all levels, allowing them to navigate freely on the platform.

Training management tools
To ensure the seamless and efficient organization of our learning sessions and professional language evaluations, Prolang uses a variety of online learning management tools. These tools provide peace of mind to our Human Resources partners throughout the registration process and allow unequivocal visibility of session attendance, participation, and end of term progress reports.

Online database for language evaluations : each participant completes written and speaking language evaluations prior to being assigned to a level. Our online testing database allows easy online access to the evaluation for participants from any location.
Registration questionnaires : Prolang uses online registration questionnaires to streamline the process and tailor it to each client’s specific needs. The process includes automated options depending on client needs; approval requests can be programmed and sent to managers and the link for the written evaluation sent directly to the participant once approval is received. Information is tracked and archived, ensuring a straightforward registration process.
Digital quality control : Prolang places the utmost importance on quality of our training options. Quality controls are sent to each participant after the beginning of the course, to ensure things are going smoothly and address any requested changes. A survey is also sent at the end of training, to ask for feedback on the course, approach, and trainer. Questionnaires are sent via email and responses are saved and shared with our trainers in the goal of continual improvement.
Learning management platform – attendance and participation: Our online learning management platform provides separate accesses to Prolang trainers, learners, and training managers, allowing real-time visibility of class attendance and participation. Prolang trainers record attendance during each class. End of session progress reports and marks are uploaded to the platform by Prolang trainers and shared with participants and Training Managers.


Prolang strives to constantly innovate our digital learning and training management solutions to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality and most accessible learning environments for our clients. Our comprehensive training offer, including our blended training approach and customizable registration processes, allow us to offer highly tailored approaches for each of our clients, accompany them throughout their learning path, and most importantly, help them reach their language goals. Our team is passionate about proposing engaging and lasting training solutions; contact us today to learn more about how we can help!