Communication Workshops

At Prolang, we believe language learning can happen inside and outside of the classroom; our offer goes beyond our professional language courses.

Our second language and communication workshops provide excellent opportunities for practical, situational learning outside of a traditional session. The subjects are precise and can be tailored to the specific needs of your team, based on the subjects most pertinent to your work realities.

Who can benefit from communication workshops?
Prolang has been designing and delivering workshops for language learners for over 25 years. Our clients incorporate our workshops into their company training offer, either alongside or independent of a Prolang language learning session. Content is precise and tailored to address the nuances of second-language communication in a corporate setting. In addition, we have expanded our offer to include soft-skills communication workshops for professionals (outside of second-language learners). These subjects focus on impactful communication tips with concrete applications.

Prolang is accredited in the province of Québec by Emploi Québec for the 1% law concerning employee training. Our courses and workshops are also recognized by several professional orders for the purpose of mandatory continuing education.

How are workshops organized?

Prolang workshops are delivered by our team of experienced and dynamic language and communication coaches. They deliver dynamic and interesting presentations and share impactful tips to help your team concentrate on a specific skill and communicate more efficiently.

Flexible schedule
Workshops are typically organized to take place over one or two hours, at a time that is most convenient for your team. Depending on the subject, half or full day options are also available. We design and deliver workshop series based on clients’ specific needs.
Session add-on or stand alone
Prolang language or communication workshops can be added to a language session proposed company-wide or organized à la carte.
On-site or virtual format
Our experienced trainers can deliver workshop content on-site at your offices or virtually, via one of our educational and interactive platforms.
Pricing is per participant and per workshop (or workshop series). Workshops allow for a larger number of participants than language training sessions. For second-language workshops, an upper-intermediate level is required for participation.

What topics are covered?

Second-Language Communication
Presentation skills in a second language
Telephone and virtual communication
False friends – avoiding misunderstandings
Corporate email communication – best practices
Punctuation and capitalization – details make the difference
And more!

Soft-Skills Communication
Corporate presentations – making an impactful presentation
Dare to ask: the art of negotiating
Resolving conflicts in a factual manner
And more!


Prolang’s second language and communication workshops are a great complement to traditional language sessions. Outside of a session, they are opportunities for company or department-wide team-building training on precise subjects, engaging participants while improving their communication skills in practical ways. Our team of experts will propose a workshop or series most adapted to your company’s needs and objectives.
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