Virtual Classes

If you need an effective and convenient way to learn a language, no matter where you are, Prolang virtual classrooms deliver the same content as a regular classroom, with a live instructor, in real time, via the Internet.

It’s completely interactive; you will be able to talk with your instructor and your colleagues. Our virtual classes make language learning a new and fun experience.

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What is so great about our virtual classrooms?

  1. 1 The platform used by Prolang was built for teaching. Other schools use platforms designed for conferences, ours offers every possible tool teachers and students need for a successful class.
  2. 2 The virtual classes are convenient as you can take a class wherever you are, whether you are in your office or another country.
  3. 3 There can be up to 5 students in the same virtual class, perfect if you have employees in different offices who need language classes.
  4. 4 Our online platform is easy to use, no need to have advanced computer skills to follow.
  5. 5 Our technical support team offers you help whenever you need it.
  6. 6 The video and sharing option are great tools to help you learn.

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