A Partnership of Experts

In order to maintain the highest quality of services the industry can offer, Prolang is honored to work with renowned partners. We collaborate with different association members to keep abreast of the various market needs. Working with our partner and their members is the key to offering the best service possible: their language training success is an integral part of our own success.

The advantages of partnerships

  • Identifying language learning needs for each industry
  • Teamwork in developing industry specific content and new language services
  • Special discounts attributed to the members of our partner associations

Do your association and its members need business language training? Do you need to assess their level of spoken or written English or French? Contact us if you think your association could benefit from a partnership with Prolang.

Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés

The Ordre is a leader in employee management practices. Committed to innovation, it supports the ongoing development of human resources professionals (CHRPs) and industrial relations counsellors (CIRCs), thus helping to maintain a healthy balance between employee well-being and organizational success. It is vigilant in ensuring that this multifaceted function promotes leading edge solutions that address the major issues impacting the workforce.Réseau des ingénieurs

Young Bar Association of Montreal (YBAM)

Founded in 1898, the Young Bar of Montreal (YBM) is a non-profit organization that represents 4600 lawyers of 10 years or less of practice, registered in the Montreal area of the Quebec Bar. It's mission is twofold. First, the YBM seeks to defend and promote it's members’ interests. Second, it offers services of consultation and legal information on a volunteer basis to different segments of the population, and organizes charitable activities. The YBM is proud to have Prolang as a corporate partner, and in the benefit of its 4600 members, allow them to receive a preferential rate for Prolang’s training services.



ETS Canada

Prolang is happy to form a relationship with ETS Canada, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), a world leader in educational assessment, with more than 50 years of experience in offering professional testing services. Through this relationship Prolang is proud to be an EPA (ETS Preferred Associate) which allows us to offer world renowned TOEIC®, TOEFL® and TFI™ testing to organizations all across Quebec.  These tests are designed to provide meaningful feedback to employers  and academia against international standards, such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). TOEIC tests are recognized globally in the corporate world; over 14000 companies, government agencies and language centers worldwide have used TOEIC testing to hire, place and train people with English language skills to succeed.