Privacy statement


While conducting its business, PROLANG has always given a lot of importance to the private life of individuals, including its customers, partners, employees and Web site visitors. Regardless of the way in which the various goods and services which we offer grow, and how technology evolves, we will continue to aim to protect personal information. This policy describes PROLANG's principles regarding the protection of personal information. This information is gathered and communicated first and foremost for services and products provided by PROLANG. In any case, PROLANG consistently protects individuals' privacy and their personal information's integrity.

1. Definition

Personal information is any information that involves a physical person and allows identifying him/her, other that his/her name, function, address or telephone number at work, and his/her e-mail address. His/her residential address, date of birth, social security, medical and financial information, is personal information.

2. Responsibility

PROLANG is responsible for the personal information that it manages, including the personal information communicated to third parties for processing and administrative purposes.

3. Determining the purposes personal information gathering

PROLANG determines the purposes for which it gathers personal information, before or during the gathering, unless these purposes are obvious.

4. Consent

PROLANG refrains from gathering, using or communicating an individual's personal information, without his/her knowledge, and without having obtained his/her consent, except in certain restricted cases authorized by the law.

5. PROLANG's personal information gathering limits

The gathering of personal information by PROLANG is limited to what is necessary for the purposes that it has indicated. PROLANG always obtains personal information through fair and legal means.

PROLANG may gather and use information on this individual that originates from a third party, when this is permitted by law, and with the individual's consent in all other cases.

6. PROLANG's limits of use and communication of personal information

PROLANG does not use or communicate personal information for purposes other than those for which it was gathered, except with the individual's consent, or according to what the law requires or allows.

7. PROLANG's keeping of personal information

PROLANG keeps the personal information as long as it reasonably needs it for the specified purposes or according to what the law requires.

8. Accurateness of the personal information held by PROLANG

PROLANG makes reasonable efforts to ensure that individuals' personal information is as accurate and complete as required for the purposes for which it is used. A correction request can be considered only if it is made in writing, in accordance with the following process for requesting access to personal information.

9. Protection of the personal information

PROLANG is committed to taking and applying suitable safety measures to ensure the privacy of the information.

10. Transparency

PROLANG puts at individuals' disposal information on its personal information management policies and practices. PROLANG shows transparency with the policy it observes to ensure the protection of personal information.

11. Access to personal information

Access to personal information subject to the relevant laws, upon receipt of a pertinent written request from an individual, PROLANG will inform that individual whether or not it has personal information on him/her.

Upon receipt of a pertinent written request, PROLANG will transmit a summary of the information's use, inform the individual of the identity of the third parties to which it may have communicated his/her personal information, and the purposes for which this information was transmitted to the third parties.

PROLANG may refuse an individual's access to his/her information, in accordance with the relevant laws, in which case it will justify its refusal, unless prohibited by law.

12. Complaints and requests for access to personal information

Any individual on whom PROLANG has personal information can complain about the non-observance of this policy by PROLANG.

12.1 Complaints and requests for access can be presented in writing to PROLANG's privacy protection agent, PROLANG at the following address:


1425, Boulevard René-Lévesque O. #163 

Montréal (Québec)

H3G 1T7

12.2 PROLANG has set up a procedure for the receipt and processing of complaints concerning this policy and its practices for processing personal information.

12.3 If an individual is not satisfied with PROLANG's response to a complaint or PROLANG's policies or practices regarding the processing of personal information, it can lodge a complaint with the Commission d'accès à l'information on the Commissioner's Web site at

For any question, concern or complaint concerning your personal information or PROLANG's privacy protection policy, feel free to communicate with our person in charge of privacy protection at (514) 278-5050 or by email at [email protected].