Our approach

At Prolang, our approach is based on a few of our fundamental beliefs regarding language training

Business Content

As a professional language school, our goal is to help your employees better communicate in a second language for work-related and social purposes.

Our approach is to have business related content in each class. Our classes offer clear, pre-determined content for each level, business related material and a portion of adapted material for your industry. In the corporate world, we know what you don’t always stay in the office. This is why our content is also geared towards social and day-to-day situations.

Personal Touch

It is important for Prolang to have a professional and pleasurable relationship with its clients.

We truly believe that we are partners in your company’s language training success. Failure is not an option so we see ourselves as part of your team. We will get to know your company and its employees as much as we can to increase chances of success and to understand your realities.

Clear Methodology

To succeed and truly learn a second language, the trainers must follow a clear methodology some basic guidelines.

Prolang has set standards for every level to ensure students evolve and improve their language skills. Although every industry is different and every student has their own personal goals, we know that there are essential language benchmarks to reach before moving to the next level. If a student hasn’t mastered the content of a level, he will have to repeat it.

Quality Control

No matter how clear the goals are, you need a strong team to make sure they are met

This is why our expert team members are assigned to your company and will remain the main contact throughout the training. We follow up with our teachers, the students, and the main contact person in your place of business. From sending our quality control questionnaire to the final training reports, we support you from A to Z.


At Prolang, we won’t sell you services you don’t need.

We take the time to find out what your language instruction training goals are before offering the best option for you. We don’t compromise on quality; therefore, we make sure that we agree on the best steps for your language training objectives.