Language Services that Work for you

Prolang is more than just a language school, we also offer a range of professional language services. Our team of experts, ranging from experienced Coordinators to professional language trainers, have created services to meet your business needs.

Professional Language Assessments

If your company is looking to hire candidates or promote employees and you need to assess their language skills, we have the right tools for you. 

We understand that the hiring process can be time consuming and, occasionally, challenging. We can help by taking care of evaluating the language level of your potential candidates. This ensures that you are hiring employees with the right level of skills for the job.

Prolang professional language assessment services offer you:

  • the ability to do large scale testing – Prolang has tested thousands of candidates
  • a fast and easy access to results with our online platform
  • a customized content to adapt to your needs
  • oral evaluations that can be done by phone or in person
  • a team of professional evaluators 
  • reliable results

Contact us for more information on our testing services.


NEW at Prolang: Communication Competency Workshops

Prolang is pleased to partner with professional coaches with more than 14 years of experience in the field and to conceive workshops that will transform your challenges into successes:

  • Develop your confidence in a professional environment
  • Dare to ask: The art of the negotiation 
  • Make an impactful presentation 
  • Resolve conflicts in a factual manner 
  • Optimize your interpersonal relationships at work

ProLang understands that effective communication can be a challenge for companies of all sizes. We have been working together with various HR teams in different  sectors for more than 20 years to provide the best training solutions and to optimize communication in business through our various platforms in professional language training, and now also with our competency communication workshops.

Flexible schedules, a capacity of up to 15 participants and accredited by Emploi –Québec.  Our trainings are also recognized by several professional orders for the purpose of mandatory continuing education.

Contact us to register or to get a complete list of our workshops.

Blended Learning

In order to maximize your chances of learning and retaining a second language, you have to be in contact with the language as often as possible, in different ways. This is why a blended approach maximizes your learning potential.

Private Classes

Twice a week

1.5 hours a class

Online Language Maintenance

Online exercises 5 days a week

15 minutes each day

Virtual Classes

3 times a week

1-hour classes

Phone classes

Once a week

30-minute conversation

Online Webinars

Monthly webinars

30 minutes webinars focussing on specific business or language subjects

Group classes

Once a week

2-hours a class

Phone classes

Twice a week

30 minute phone calls


Once every season

2 hour workshops