7 Styles of Learning - Which One Fits You?


By: Prolang

What’s your learning style? - Whether it’s at school, at work or in your own time, if you’re acquiring a new skill, you will use one of the 7 styles of learning. For instance, when learning a new language, some people prefer study in groups instead of listening to audio Knowing your learning style will help you accelerate your learning acquisition. Especially if you’re in a workplace environment; most of the time, the new skill you’re acquiring may help you get the position you’ve always wanted.


1- Physical - You use your sense of touch.

You prefer learn English by role-playing with your colleagues. Using your body helps you process the new skill faster. You also like to use physical objects to memorize new words.


2- Solitary- You learn alone. 

You like to get your hands on anything that will help you learn English, and you study alone. You learn quicker by not being interrupted. You’re more likely to review the material at your own pace after work.


3- Social - You learn better in groups.

You enjoy the company of others. You need to be surrounded by people who are learning English as well or who are more advanced than you.


4- Logical -You like to connect the dots.

You need to understand the meaning and the origin of a word in a sentence for you to process it.


5- Visual You use images, pictures or mapping.

You need something to write or draw on. You’re more likely to visualize the

meaning of words to understand it better.


6- Aural You like sound and music.

You prefer listening to audio where you hear a tutor talk and explain the use of

words in English.


7- Verbal You use words.

You like to write and read out loud in English to process the new language.

Your learning style has a huge influence on the way you learn. You can be a mix  of 2 or more of these 7 styles of learning. It’s actually better to use a combination of techniques as it helps remember more of what you learn. For instance, learning English in the workplace can be fun when you practice your next sales presentation in a group setting. In the case, you would use at least 3 styles of learning.