Is e-learning right for you?

Are you planning to go back to school or to take a class to boost your professional career? If yes, know that there are different options for you to acquire the knowledge you need. You have the traditional option of physically attending a class or participate virtually.

Some people choose e-learning because they think that it will be easier. In fact, it it may be easier depending of your personality and ability to use technology easily. Online courses requires a lot of reading, which means you have to understand what you read and be able to summarize it on paper. In other words, if you are a good writer and like to read, an online course is for you.
You may have to ask yourself two questions and answer honestly :
Do I like to read online?
Do I like to write?
Taking online courses is not easier than attending a live class, but it definitely
requires discipline. It is known that a student should spend, to a minimum, the exact number of course credits in hours per week. For example, for a 3 credit course, a minimum of 3 hours per week should be dedicated to the course material. Keep in mind that for online courses, the hours can be doubled as you need to listen or to watch course material, read and study the content and do your homework. Make sure to plan your study time, write it in your agenda and follow your schedule. This will help you stay on track and respect deadlines.

Questions to think about :
Do I have a quiet place where I can work on my online course?
Am I a disciplined person or a procrastinator?

E-learning means using a computer all the time. The teachers may expect you to read online articles, download documents, do online research, create documents and to participate in online chats. Online learning is mediated by technology, so it’s important to be fully comfortable using a computer, Internet and software. Make sure to read the course calendar to ensure that you have the tools needed prior to starting the class.
Ask yourself :
Do I have high-speed and a reliable Internet access?
Am I comfortable troubleshooting basic technology problems?
The question is often asked whether e-learning is easier than traditional classes. But it really depends on you. Online courses offer a flexible alternative to professionals who have a full time job or have a family. This option is right for those who can’t fit face-to-face classes into their busy lives.