Assisted Learning

Our intuitive online assisted learning system reinforces traditional classes. As a user, you will receive fun and relevant exercises by email.

As you progress, our system will identify your language challenges and address them in future emails, which ensures you are learning what you need most. You will be able to select from a variety of business-related topics to tailor your learning.

When used in a blended approach, your real-life teacher will have access to your online learning evolution and will be able to review with you mistakes that you are making. The assisted learning method is precise and effective, as you will not study what you already know.

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Key assisted learning features

  1. 1 Do as many or as little online exercises as your busy schedule allows
  2. 2 Have in-depth reports of your learning evolution
  3. 3 Do fun online activities to practice important skills: reading, writing, understanding and listening.
  4. 4 Tailor your assisted learning content to your business realities: choose from a wide selection of industry-related topics
  5. 5 Use our assisted learning system with one of our live teachers and maximize your chances of reaching your language goals

Want to enroll in a trial? Contact us to register and test our online assisted learning system.