Language Coaching and Training

Prolang Approach

As a professional language training company, Prolang’s mission is to help our clients improve their communication in a foreign language for work-related and social purposes. The communicative approach is at the heart of our methodology. With the majority of class time focused on speaking and communication, Prolang’s experienced trainers structure classes to give our students opportunities to practice and apply grammar points in context and through conversation.

Prolang’s approach is both business-oriented and student-centered. In addition to our emphasis on communication and conversation, our courses are adapted to each employee’s industry and professional context. In the ‘skills’ section of each class our trainers provide materials adapted to the needs of their students. For example, students may choose to focus on writing and corporate communication, pronunciation and accent reduction, or vocabulary based on the sector and their roles within their company.

Our Expertise

Prolang’s team of language experts draws on years of experience in the industry and is proud to serve as your partners in the process of organizing and delivering high-caliber second-language training. From the initial needs analysis to the end of session training report, our team of specialists is with you every step of the way. A dedicated account manager will be your main point of contact at Prolang, proposing a training program adapted to your needs and budget and ensuring prompt follow-ups throughout the organization of each session. Our team of experienced language coordinators complete level evaluations and select the best fit from our team of specialized corporate language trainers. Our teachers adapt course content based on the unique needs of each student or group, drawing from an extensive bank of resources provided to them. Throughout the session, all three points of contact (account manager, coordinator, and trainer) are present to support your team and ensure goals and objectives are being met.

Training & Coaching Formats

Our professional training is available in a variety of formats to suit our clients’ needs and availabilities. After a thorough needs analysis, our team of experts will propose the following formats based on participants’ levels and objectives: private, semi-private (2 participants), or group (3+). We offer training in English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and many other languages.

Our classes are available on-site at our clients’ offices or virtually on one of the education-based platforms used by our trainers (see our article Language Learning in a Digital Age). Virtual training options allow employees in multiple offices, around Canada and around the World, to join the same course together, creating an ideal atmosphere for team-building and professional development. Our corporate trainers use all the tools available to them to create dynamic and comfortable environments for language learning.

Prolang students have the choice between our standard and blended learning programs. Our blended learning option multiplies target-language contact by adding an asynchronous online-learning component to the session. In addition to the essential conversation time with a Prolang trainer, access to online activities in the target language allows for an accelerated learning session, with content adapted to each learner’s strengths and weaknesses (powered by artificial intelligence).

Contact Prolang’s team of language experts for more information about how we can help your team reach their language and communication objectives. We’re here as your partners every step of the way!